OpenKJ Tools

OpenKJ Tools is a set of simple tools to aid in managing your karaoke library

It currently contains KaraokeRG, Zip, UnZip, ZipFix, and CaseFix tools.

KaraokeRG - A simple wrapper around the mp3gain program that allows you to easily apply ReplayGain adjustments to your mp3+g zip collection.

Zip - Finds any matched pairs of mp3 and cdg files and creates a zip file.  Optionally deletes the original cdg and mp3 files after zipping.

UnZip - Unzips karaoke zip files back into separate mp3 and cdg files.  Optionally deletes the zip file after decompression.

ZipFix - Finds any karaoke zip files in your library which aren't using non standard DEFLATE64 compression, unzips them using 7zip, and then creates new standard zip files.  Useful for fixing compatibility of zip files in your library when OpenKJ gives you "Unsupported Compression Method" errors while importing your library.  Also useful for fixing compatibility with any other karaoke hosting software which doesn't support zip64 or deflate64. 

CaseFix - Renames zip files in your library according to simplified title case (capitalization) format.  Note that there are some artist names and song titles that intentionally do not follow this standard.  This tool is not aware of many of them.  If your library's capitalization is currently a mess, this tool can make it better.  If your library is in pretty good shape, capitalization wise, this tool could make things worse.


Builds are currently available for Windows, Fedora/RHEL and derivatives, and for Ubuntu and derivatives.

Note that this software depends upon the mp3gain and 7zip programs already being installed on your system on Linux based builds.  For Windows, the mp3gain.exe and 7zip.exe binaries are included in the installer.

Windows installers can be found via the downloads link at the top of this page.

For more info on what ReplayGain is and about mp3gain, look here: